All flowers, no filler

About Us

Meet Amelia and Daisy – the two flower enthusiasts behind Unbunched.

Amelia is friends with Daisy’s sister-in-law and she’s married to Daisy’s husband’s friend.  So there’s that connection.

More importantly, Amelia is a flower fanatic. She’s spent over a decade being paid to design fabrics, sell you the difference between whisper white and eggshell white and travelling the globe understanding home and lifestyle trends. You may call her a “lifestylist”. Food, fashion, flowers or furnishings, she’s your go–to.

For some unknown reason she is happy to get up at a ridiculous hour of the day to ensure you get the best flowers that will last longest in your home. Unbunched was spawned from her mono-botanical obsession. Her mantra has always been, armfuls of the same bloom is always on trend.

Daisy also gets up at the crack of dawn, however it’s to two lovely children who don’t seem to appreciate the beauty of a sleep in.  A school teacher by day, she likes flowers too, but likes learning about them even more.  Sadly, despite being destined by name, Daisy is a terrible flower owner and never changes the water, but appreciates the beauty Mother Nature offers.

From this unlikely friendship, Unbunched was born.