All flowers, no filler

Our Philosophy

We know flowers make people smile. We know flowers mark all the special occasions in life. We want you to be happy each day with something that lifts your spirits when you wake up in the morning.

At Unbunched we want to dispel the notion that flowers are a first world luxury. If flowers bring you joy and contribute to your day-to-day wellbeing then, gosh darn it, they’re a necessity.

We also want to give you the opportunity to learn about different flowers and marvel at Mother Nature’s ability to produce the most beautiful, intricate, colourful blossoms that smell like we all wish we did.

We wanted to develop a case for change where people had flowers as an everyday purchase instead of just for a special occasion. Part of this was to bring flowers to people conveniently, at a more affordable rate so they can enjoy them more often.  The floral industry is based around gift giving marking momentous milestones rather than the ongoing enjoyment flowers bring on a regular basis.

Flowers just make us happy. Unbunched is designed to take that to new levels of sweet-smelling pleasure.